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Binding in hard covers

Binding in hard covers.

Bind your work in hard covers and it will look perfect!

Hardcovers for a diploma thesis or project give the work a serious and respectable attitude. When a student comes to defend a dissertation and the commission simply holds in his hand a pile of paper, it shows his careless attitude.

If you are presenting your work but the handouts are not bound, this is the reason not to take you seriously.

And therefore binding in hard covers for diploma theses in Riga and other Latvian cities is in high demand...

we offer three standard binding variants: up to 150, 220 and 300 pages in A4 format.

Let's be clear! Binding looks good in any case - with a small number of pages and also with more pages. But as you can see, it is limited in format.

In addition, you get a metal channel and a cover with a fabric-like finish.
If you want to open the bound material without changing the channel or, by changing it, as well as to put title or LOGO, we are able to do it all.
You can view the price list of services here.

Attention! We offer different color covers for binding: black, blue, green, gray, burgundy.

How to bind these works?

It all started with the processing of the print material, which will end up in the covers. The already printed material is placed in the covers and secured with a metal back.

Binding in hard covers shows how serious the bound work is.

Name of the service


A4 binding in hard covers up to 150 pages


A4 binding in hard covers from 151 to 220 pages


A4 format binding in hard covers from 221 to 300 pages


Binding material opening (without channel change)


Binding material opening (with channel change)


Printed on the cover with gold and silver letters


The standard set consists of a metal channel and a hard cover with a fabric-like finish.

You can order 5 cover and channel colors:

  • black
  • blue
  • green
  • burgundy
  • gray