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Binding of documents

If you want to use documents or instructions conveniently and for a long time, we can help you. Fotobaron provides quality binding services.

There are many options for binding documents. The deciding factor when choosing a binding type is look and feel. Depending on your preferences, your bound document can reflect varying degrees of professionalism, from casual documents to formal bound books.We can bind documents in both plastic and metal spirals. We also perform thermal binding and binding in hard covers. You can choose the most suitable binding method for your document. Binding service costs depending on the binding type (metal, plastic spiral, A4 thermal binding)

Plastic spiral binding

Name of the service


Binding up to 40 pages (spiral 6-8mm)


Binding 40-65 pages (spiral 10mm)


Binding 65-85 pages (spiral 12mm)


Binding 85-125 pages (spiral 16mm)


Binding 125-155 pages (spiral 19 - 22mm)


Binding 155-250 pages (spiral 28mm)


Binding 250-350 pages (spiral 38mm)


Binding 351-450 pages (spiral 45-50mm)


Metal spiral binding

Name of the service


Binding 10-40 pages (spiral 6-8mm)


Binding 41-60 pages (spiral 10mm)


Binding 61-80 pages (spiral 12mm)


Binding 81-120 pages (spiral 14-16mm)


Standard binding includes: spiral, transparent cover on the front, white or black cover on the back. Standard thermal binding includes: Lux white or black back cover.

Document binding is a technological process - connecting pages with a spiral and covers. This is the final design of the print material. High-quality printing and binding will give a presentable look. Make it more functional and practical for use and storage.

Binding includes the following steps:

  • printing and grouping pages;
  • addition of individual elements;
  • placing sheets of paper in a block and binding them.

The standard binding set includes: spiral, transparent cover on the front, white or black cover on the back. With the cost of binding services in metal, plastic spiral, A4 thermal binding can be found in our price list.

Types of binding:

  • Metal spiral binding - this binding method looks very good and presentable. The advantage of metal spiral binding is the security of the fastening and the possibility to open the material up to 360 degrees. There are also some limitations: there may be a small thickness of the bound material (up to 120 pages) and it is difficult to edit the material (add or remove pages).
  • Plastic spiral binding - the optimal binding method, which can be applied to any printing production. There are spirals of different diameters and it can produce bound materials up to 450 sheets. Thesis binding and other important binding documents makes them more compact, easier to read and easy to use. A big advantage - easy to remove and attach the sheets to the binding material.
  • Binding in hard covers - inserting sheets in hard covers with a metal back. It is one of the most expensive and long-lasting types of binding. Binding a thesis or any material in hard covers will look much better. The maximum block thickness is - 300 pages.

High-quality materials and modern binding equipment models allow you to make various binding works - such as binding of books and term papers, booklets and other types of printing materials in the shortest possible time.

Name of the service


A4 binding in hard covers up to 150 pages


A4 binding in hard covers from 151 to 220 pages


A4 format binding in hard covers from 221 to 300 pages


Binding material opening (without channel change)


Binding material opening (with channel change)


Title or LOGO on the cover


The standard set consists of a metal channel and a hard cover with a fabric-like finish.

You can order 5 cover and channel colors:

  • black
  • blue
  • green
  • burgundy
  • gray

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