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What does order status mean?

"New" — the order has been received and processing has started.
"Awaiting payment" — order waiting for payment.
"Layout check" — the order is checked before printing.
"Layout creation" — the order is sent to the designer, who will offer you some design variants for approval.
"Waiting for customer response" — The designer has commented about the product and wants your reply to continue the order.
"Printing" — the order is printed.
"Post-print processing" — the order is printed and is processed after printing.
"Finished" — the order is packed and ready for delivery.
"Sent to issue point" — the order has been sent to the point of issue of the finished product.
"Sent" — order shipped; if the order is assigned a tracking number then you can track it.
"Received" — the order has been received.

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